Labour Law

  • Amicable negotiations with a view to terminating a contract of employment
  • Disputes concerning dismissal

Compensation for physical harm / medical liability

  • Accompanying all steps to obtain compensation for injuries resulting from an accident or medical error
  • At the amicable stage and in litigation as appropriate

Criminal law 

  • Victim of criminal offence
  • Implication in criminal proceedings
  • Assistance at the investigation and/or judgement phase

Family law 

  • Divorce
  • Establishing the child’s place of residency
  • Compensatory and maintenance allowance
  • Abduction of minors

Residency and nationality

  • Regularising and obtaining residency permits
  • Application for naturalisation
  • Appeal against an obligation to leave the French territory (OQTF)

Real Estate law

  • Residential leases
  • Expulsion and payment of rent arrears
  • Co-ownership disputes